Closer than ever before – Customer Engagement reinvented by Social Media

The more one is engaged with a brand, the more loyal he will become and the more likely he will talk about the brand to fellow consumers in a positive light. This idea lies at the very core of Customer Engagement – a very important Marketing concept relating to the customers’ level of involvement and connection with a brand, company and other consumers.

In the past, customer engagement was pretty much a one-way street; the majority of communication was generated by the brand and customer involvement was limited, one would have to call customer service or write a letter to get involved. Today, that one-way street has become more like a two-way high-way thanks to the web and social media platforms offering brands and customers far more interactive, friendly, fast and direct ways to engage with each other.

Brands today are taking full advantage of this engaging reality using creative social media marketing techniques on facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, google+ and other similar social platforms. Using such sites, brands are not only enriching customer engagement but are also able to learn far more about their customers thoughts, wants and needs to better improve their products and services. Additionally, brands are able to increase their awareness, enhance online presence, develop their identity, attract new customers and strengthen customer loyalty.

From the establishment of social media profiles to the development of immediate customer support apps, there are many marketing techniques brands use on the social media platforms to increase customer engagement of which online contests are extremely popular and widely used today by many brands in many industries.

To celebrate 140 years of existence, the leading beer brand from Holland, Heineken launched a highly engaging facebook campaign inviting product designers from all over the globe to pair together and design a limited edition Heineken bottle to celebrate this special occasion. The contest was created on facebook and the winning bottle was produced and sold by the company world-wide. Thanks to this interactive campaign, Heineken were able to increase customer engagement, highlight brand values such as innovation and creativity, expand their online customer base and of course strengthen brand awareness.

Heineken facebook design competition


Another example of a highly engaging campaign was created by the local Peugeot car company in Panama promoting their various car models using the Pinterest social media platform. The campaign encouraged Pinterest users to pin images that represent Peugeot car concepts and participate in a puzzle photo contest requiring them to seek for hidden Peugeot images on the Peugeot website. Such an original campaign strategy does not only increase customer engagement but also helps strengthen the Peugeot brand awareness by combining and utilizing their different online platforms and thereby expanding their social media customer base in a very original and interactive way.

PEGEOT Pinterest photo contest


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