Saving your brand before it’s too late – a valuable lesson by Corona and Porsche

A strong brand image is built over time as a result of wise and precise strategic Marketing and Sales decisions and consistent actions. From product quality and pricing to advertising message and appearance, multiple components contribute to the formation of a brand image and are therefore critical towards its success and worthy positioning within the market.

Naturally, Marketing plays a vital role in the formation of a good brand image from the way it is presented to the way it is received and perceived by the consumer. Such a role usually includes a mix of marketing activities including TV and print Advertising, PR, Social Media, Promotions and Marketing Collaborations all communicating the same image message using different means and methods.

Once the peek is reached and a desired brand image is successfully established, the need to maintain the stable image kicks-in and the Marketing challenge continues while focusing on image strengthening and maintaining. The marketing challenge therefore never subsides and even the strongest of companies, such as Apple or Coca Cola, do not stop or even slow down their marketing pace for changes in the market, including new competitors, forever daunt them and threaten their success. Furthermore, if they were to pause and step away from the scene, their place would be swiftly taken by another competing brand. 

Sometimes, a brand image may weaken due to market changes, competitors, new trends and shifts in consumer behaviour. For example, a luxury product may struggle through a recession or an old product may be pushed off the shelves by a new one. Whatever the reason may be, such unsettling circumstances often require brand imaging alterations to “heal” and strengthen the brand and sometimes even save it from complete failure. Easier said than done, such a rebranding attempt requires a great deal of “guts” and must be well planned and researched beforehand for failing may demolish the brand for good.

Corona “Find your Beach” Marketing Campaign

During 2011, the Mexican imported beer, Corona, suffered from a serious decrease in sales within the US for the first time ever. Following market research, Corona recognised that their brand was suffering from an image problem as well as growing competition and therefore needed quite a significant “make-over” to bounce back to the prominent market position they used to own. Thanks to a highly creative, comprehensive and well-planned marketing campaign called “Find your beach”, Corona was able to not only rebuild its image but also obtained the targeted sale increase they hoped for. See more in the clip below. 

Porsche “Engineered for Magic, Everyday” Marketing Campaign

For over 60 years, the Porsche car company has succeeded in creating a strong world-wide brand image representing leading, luxury, expensive and high-performing sport cars. Due to various market and consumer behaviour changes, the legendary 911 model was barely selling within the US and needed to be rescued. To do so, Porsche launched a marketing campaign aiming to change the 911 image completely presenting it as a useful, everyday car as opposed to its previous “luxury-only” sports car image. As daring as that may sound, their campaign was pretty successful! See how this major move was accomplished in a creative yet well-thought out manner.

Both campaigns were performed by the Cramer Krasselt Agency. 


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